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Keto brownies

Brownies are a staple snack for anybody with a sweeth tooth. ther easy to make and super delicious. These brownies are no different. Recipe(12pcs) 30 gr of vanilla or chocolate protein powder 60gr of almond flour 80 gr of butter 100 ml soy milk (preferably with no sugar) 100 gr of stevia or eritherol 2Meer lezen over “Keto brownies”

Keto donuts

So i love donuts. so naturally i needed to find a way to make them keto. It’s made with both coconut flour and almond but can easely be made just with almond or coconut flour instead. For toppings you can use shredded coconut, peanut butter, shredded almonds and lots more. i used sukrin powderd sugarMeer lezen over “Keto donuts”

Keto pancakes

I’ve been working a long time to perfect this recipe. and from all the ones i have this one is one of my favourites. Use almond flour because coconut will make it to thick. Recipe (7pcs)* 70 gr of almond flour 100 gr cream cheese (i used philadelphia) 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder 1Meer lezen over “Keto pancakes”

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